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Soul Papa Music Studio is the most active DJ club in Korea. We are a professional DJ agency that specializes in DJs. DJ clubs, lounges, music bar party planning team It is a party planning specializing company which operates.

Soul Papa It is a company that produces creative culture and art contents such as performance planning, music production, A&R through DJ lesson and training of new DJ. With talented artists from the company Hip-hop, EDM, and various genre content shows and parties can communicate with the public anytime and anywhere Clubs, and festivals. We will create a remix with the best quality by matching the musicians' songs to the various and new versions in search of the merits. In addition, we will do our best for success by arranging artist's concept album, concept, and story strategy with A & R in charge of finding new DJs and musicians, contracting and producing.

​대표 DJ TIGGER (디제이티거)