All lesson schedules are on weekdays. No matter what weekends, morning, afternoon, late evening schedules A 1: 1 customized lesson that allows you to adjust your training schedule. College and office workers, and young people who want to go to college. From junior high school age to 40-50 age group While relaxing while enjoying a djing party and trendy hobby life Learn from domestic festivals and famous club DJs ~!


1.Deining basic course - college student, worker, recommendation It is a course that novices who do not know anything can easily access. Courses that can be taught one or two times a week


2. Debut preparation course - recommendation for college entrance exam, club debut You can learn from two to four times a week, The process of learning to be a party DJ All lessons are given free invitations to parties and festivals during the completion of the course, Club DJ Job Consulting and Club Residents DJ Audition will be recommended on stage.